Shaping weaving with knitting

In order to extend the width of the fabric from my rigid heddle loom (my loom is only 16″ wide and, after draw in on the loom and shrinkage in the wash, the fabric is approximately 12″ wide) and add some shaping, I’m knitting onto the sides and top of the garment. On the side, I’ve picked up one stitch to every two weft picks. I picked up the stitches in the loop made by the turning of the weft, inserting the needle through the fabric inside the selvedge thread as shown below:
This has worked out really nicely and lies very flat. I am using short rows to add a-line shaping. Not yet sure how I will achieve an equally nice flat join at the bound off edge. 
Wanting to support my LYS rather than order more of the yarn I used for the woven fabric (which I talked about in this post), I’ve substituted King Cole Giza Cotton 4ply in grey. The shade is slightly lighter than the Drops I used for the woven portion, but very smooth and I think it will contribute a bit more drape to the garment.


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