Bigger Than Your Head

This glorious yarn will shortly become a baby blanket for my niece who is expected to arrive in a couple of months – I’ve knit the border so far, which you can just about see squeezed into the picture. I love this yarn:

  • It’s so YELLOW
  • It’s ridiculously BIG – bigger, in fact, than my head
  • It’s basically the yarn equivalent of the sun

Suns are available for purchase at Knit Nottingham, colourway is Mustard, because obviously you want the yellow! Other reasons I chose this yarn, aside from its sun-like qualities:

  • 20% wool for cosiness
  • 80% acrylic for easy care
  • Aran weight, so it won’t take three lifetimes to knit up

I’m using 5mm knitpro symphony circular needles, with a cast on of 135. Hopefully this will give a vaguely square blanket 75cm wide.


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