Weaving a Camisole

This is the woven fabric from my rigid heddle loom which will (hopefully, soonish) become a camisole. I made two rectangular panels and am planning to augment them with a little knitting (and possibly macrame?) to complete the vest top.

When I started this project I only had a single 8dpi heddle. Since this yarn (Drops Loves You 6 in charcoal and mustard, chosen as it is recycled and cotton production is generally neither efficient not sustainable due to the high volume of water required) is more or less a sport weight, the sett given by an 8dpi heddle would be too open. As I wasn’t aiming for a risque look, I compromised by putting two warp threads through each slot. This gives 12 threads per inch instead of 8, making a less sheer fabric and, I think, helping the yellow to visually stand out more in the centre panel. I threaded the heddle as follows, using a direct warping method:

I then took one pair from each slot with 4 strands, and threaded each through one of the next two holes:


One thought on “Weaving a Camisole

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